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Touch the Music - a Hands-on Experience of the Orchestral Instruments

Touch the Music is a unique music program that gives children an extraordinary opportunity to be in touch and explore REAL orchestral instruments. In this era of virtual reality with the Iphone, Ipad and WII most of us, young and old, are losing the connection to our tangible world. Touch the Music offers a hands-on experience of the orchestral instruments which stimulates all 5 senses: vision, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. It exposes children to a whole new world. Every child gets the opportunity to explore sports and arts at a young age. With this program children explore music making which will plant seeds to last a life time.

After learning important facts about each instrument the children can try our the instruments. Seeing and holding a REAL instruments, not the colorful plastic version, is an amazing experience for them. Felling the vibration of the violin under their chin, or experiencing the different ways of blowing into an instrument to create a sound are exciting moments. When the children make the first sound on these instruments, it triggers their brain and their whole body. It challenges their eye, ear, fine motor, and breathing coordination, and is the most rewarding experience of accomplishment. Many studies have proven that playing an instrument has tremendous impact on the brain development of young children. It most importantly stimulates their spatial-temporal reasoning.

All instruments used in Touch the Music are REAL orchestral instruments. The string instruments like violin, cello, bass and harp are smaller sized instruments to fit the children's size and height. This way the children will be able to handle the instruments all by themselves. Wind and percussion instruments are regular sizes. It is amazing to see how the children in a Touch the Music class pick up any instrument and make music within just a few moments.

Every Touch the Music class is enhanced with information take home material which gives the children the opportunity to share this exciting adventure about the orchestral instruments with their whole family.

Children should be exposed to as many different activities as possible. Their brain is just waiting for the next experience. When the first sound comes out of the instruments, the children's eyes get bigger and bigger...and then they can't get enough of it!

It is our wish that Touch the Music will plant seeds in all children to make music an important and everlasting part of their lives.