Touch The Music

Hands-on Instrument Workshops and Family Event

Touch the Music is available for

available for preschools, elementary schools, home school associations, libraries, museums, town events, music studios or private venues

For upcoming events please look under

"Tubby the Tuba" in spring 2017
Family events at Morris Museum
and New Jersey Symphony

for Community Events and Festivals

Touch the Music will bring a load of instruments for everybody to try.
Rock on with string, brass and percussion instruments

Touch the Music offers unique workshops for Elementary School K-2

The students will learn important facts about certain instruments and most important have a chance to try out these REAL orchestral instruments. Touch the Music workshops inspire students to start playing an instruments. With the experience of trying out different
instruments they will get a better idea of which instruments suits them best. It is proven that playing a musical instrument has an impact
on a child’s overall development which will carry over into adulthood.

In-House Field Trip for Preschools
Touch the Music
offers a unique hands-on addition to your existing music program. Available as a one time session, or up to 4 sessions.
Expose your children to REAL instruments! Our one session “In House Field Trip”
includes violin, harp, trumpet and Glockenspiel. The children will learn important
facts about each instrument and have the exciting opportunity to play each instrument. Take home material for all participating children is included to share this experience with their families.
4 sessions introduce the instrument families: strings, woodwinds, brass and percussion instruments.


Touch the Music

Did you know that playing a musical instrument has a huge impact on your child’s brain development?

Studies have shown that children who play music score higher on standardized tests and perform better in math.

Other positive side-effects are
- increased memory capacity
- enhanced coordination
- boosted team skills
- increased sense of responsibility
- sharpened concentration
- promoting social skills
- fostering self-expression
- teaching discipline
- promoting happiness,
all benefits which will carry over into adult hood.

Where other music programs nurture the important aspects of singing and movement, Touch the Music goes beyond these by offering REAL orchestral instruments to children ages 2 to 10 to touch, feel and play. This unique experience with Touch the Music sets up a foundation of lifelong excitement and enjoyment of music making. Your child will fall in love with playing an instrument before any serious instructions are needed. And when it’s time for regular instrumental lessons in elementary school, your child will already know which instrument to pick and look forward to the beginning of an exciting lifelong musical adventure.